“Lucky for Us” by Lawrence Raab.

Lucky for us things know what they know.
Most books say the earth is round,
but it knows how to be flat when it has to.
And when I drive over to your house,
I’m not afraid of planets or stars

crashing into me, because there are laws
that say they can’t. Thanks to gravity
we don’t spin out of control, rise into
the air, or just float away. No fair
jumping up, gravity says, without coming down.

No fair running without getting tired,
or knowing how you feel without saying it.
There are laws for every part of the day —
invisible laws for what we can’t touch,
laws for the night. Look at the clouds —

what are they up to? Just circling the earth,
blocking the light, making us all tired and low.
Why does anything need more than just one name?
We don’t have to think about breathing to breathe,
it’s one of the smart things our bodies do

without being asked. Most books
will tell you this, if you have to read it:
Before Copernicus, the sun wasn’t even a star.
Before Galileo, no one could see the moon.
Before I met you, I was blind.

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