“Sunset” by Louise Glück.

My great happiness
is the sound your voice makes
calling to me even in despair; my sorrow
that I cannot answer you
in speech you accept as mine.

You have no faith in your own language.
So you invest
authority in signs
you cannot read with any accuracy.

And yet your voice reaches me always.
And I answer constantly,
my anger passing
as winter passes. My tenderness
should be apparent to you
in the breeze of summer evening
and in the words that become
your own response.

One thought on ““Sunset” by Louise Glück.

  1. Your poetry choices are spot-on. I truly enjoy being able to visit Clod & Pebble and dip into the poetry you post so faithfully. Would it be okay if I featured a link to your blog on my website (www.jenniferphelpswrites.com)? I am a poet and am developing a “writing resources” page. I think your blog is a great way for people to get a sampling of some of the great classic and contemporary poets. A new favorite that I discovered here: Lorna Crozier. Thanks so much!

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