“Parting” by Aleksandr Pushkin.

Bound for the shores of your distant homeland
You ere leaving this foreign land.
In that unforgettable hour, in that hour of sadness,
I wept before you for a long time.
My hands, growing ever colder,
Strained to hold you back.
My moans implored you not to break off
The terrible anguish of parting.

But you tore away your lips
From our bitter kiss;
From a land of gloomy exile
You called me to another land.
You said: “On the day of our meeting
In the shade of olive trees
Beneath an eternally blue sky,
We shall once more, my beloved, unite our kisses of love.”
But there–alas!–where the sky’s vault
Shines with blue radiance,
Where the waters slumber beneath the cliffs,
You have fallen asleep forever.
Your beauty and your sufferings
Have vanished in the grave–
And the kiss of our meeting has vanished as well…
But I am waiting for that kiss–you owe it to me…

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